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Default how to best support my primary partner in an uneqaul playing field

So as some of you may have gathered already, i have a great husband and boyfriend. BF is married, husband is trying to date. Hes having a hard time, with a couple things leading to physical encounters that he found kind of "meh", the second more enjoyable than the first. he was recently rejected by someoen that decided a guy in poly just wasnt for her, and it was pretty rough for him. I know its hard to watch me have a full relationship with BF when hes not getting much on other fronts. he seems down about this and a lot of other things going on, school, our kids,etc. and i just dont know how best to support him..i feel guilty for having plans myself, and being in love with my bf, though i know hubs wants me to be happy. Do I just lay off his dating life, and continue to give him the love I already do and not question his anixety? i feel like i should DO something
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