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Default Loving from a distance

I mentioned in my introduction that last year my husbands career moved us away from my girlfriend. I went with him and our children. It's been hard on her but we are holding on strong.

I'm accustomed to making long distance relationships work. Being a military wife for all of my marriage was a bit of a crash course in maintaing the strong connections needed to keep relationships afloat. We are nearing the end of his career now and plan to move her and her kids in with us once he retires.

It breaks my heart to know how much she misses us. I know all to well the ache of waking up in an empty bed that was once so full. To face running a household on your own. The absence of your partner is almost haunting.

I fly up to see her as often as I can. We talk, text, Skype daily. It's working but it puts a strain on our hearts. I will be visiting her next week and the days just seem to drag.

Has anyone else been through a similar experience? I would love to hear insight and share what has and hasn't worked.
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