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Originally Posted by MZTERY View Post
He also does not want any of us to go outside the relationship as long as we are living under HIS roof! So therefore going to another boyfriend would be a no-no to him! That makes me feel like he is NOT polyamory at all just a guy how wanted to bang us all and have us all under one roof too.
He's got himself a closed polygyny situation going on. This situation is fine, so long as everyone involved wants to be in a closed polygyny sort of situation.

So are you displeased with being in his little tyrannical empire? Or are you just irritated because of him wanting to pump kids into the other members of his slave den? I can't tell because you don't sound happy with the situation but you don't seem very focused on exactly what you want to change.

What would this situation look like if you could design it yourself? Try and focus in on what exactly the issue is so that you can decide what specific action you need to take. This emotional "I feel" approach is handy for identifying that a problem might be present, but it gets in the way of actually taking action.
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