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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
(and could with her ex husband-even when he raped her, he could make her orgasm).
I can't help with "husband is a self-centered jerk"
I see, so she got some damage from her psycho-rapist ex husband and has moved to her self absorbed-controlling-insecure current husband.

I'm glad to see that she has a friend who can enrich her life a bit, but I am skeptical that her coming to a better understanding of her orgasm is going to help very much. While she is dating these world class losers I think her sex life is going to continue to suck (not in a good way). And honestly, considering the goons she has picked, if it is only her sex life that suffers I think she lucked out.

Who knows though, maybe discovering that she doesn't have to associate sex with shame will prompt a shift in self image and she can break this cycle (this is me in wishful thinking mode).
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