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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, Raga, please do pat yourself on the back! It's so good and kind of you to send the document now that it's 2013! After all, Tonberry has only been requesting it since at least December 2011 or even earlier. But oh yeah, you're right, she's the one who must really be into games and drama.
In fairness, it's "only" been a year: I first asked for the birth certificate in May 2012. Before that (May 2011 to end of 2011) I was trying to get Raga to file for a Canadian divorce, as I had been told I couldn't do it, not being a resident, and then (end of 2011 to February 2012) after he told he me had filed, I was calling weekly to check if they received anything (they never did. I asked again in September 2012 and nothing had been filed at all then either).

After that I decided to ask for a French divorce. My first attempt to get a lawyer (back in the end of 2011) failed as they refused me the judicial help, due to counting Raga's income as mine, and therefore deciding I could afford a lawyer on my own (which I couldn't, being on welfare).
My second attempt was more successful and so I first asked in May 2012 for the birth certificate specifically.

I wouldn't want to sound dishonest by claiming I'd been asking for it since 2011, even though at this point it's really a minor detail in the big picture what exactly I was asking for and not getting.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Tonberry, glad to hear you can now move forward with the divorce. My own is proceeding now, too, and feels like a chapter is coming to a close, which will free me for the next ones to follow.
Definitely. I'm so looking forward to putting it past me and just forgetting all about it. At this point I'm not really upset or bitter about anything, I just want it to be over. I think we'll both be better off once it is.
Glad to hear that your own divorce is proceeding. I would never have imagined they would be such a pain! I mean, at this point I've spent more time trying to divorce than being married before our separation. It's insane.
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