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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm sure there is a survey somewhere of how many women achieve orgasm by which methods. If a difference of agreement needs to happen I presume the arguing parties will present their data. Otherwise it's anecdotal. Not that I have a problem with anecdotal evidence; I just have a problem watching people argue using it as if it were an axiom of reality.

Something I'd like to personally add to the conversation; I don't think it's responsible to put the burden of ones orgasm onto someone else. If her hubby isn't into eating pussy then that's his business, it's not his responsibility to do 'whatever it takes' for her to achieve orgasm certainly if her ability to do so is hinged upon something that he specifically doesn't enjoy. My orgasm is my responsibility; if my partner isn't doing the one thing that I need to happen and they have told me they aren't interested in doing it... maybe I can just enjoy what I *am* getting. Then I can go do whatever it is that makes me cum with someone else (or on my own).

Quite a bit of dick just happened there.
I've been reading all day-and found repeated articles siting studies that quote roughly 70% of women can't orgasm via intercourse alone.

As for the rest-I agree, we are all responsible for our own satisfaction-
My issue is that I don't believe it is appropriate for any person to EXPECT a partner to give them something that they aren't WILLING to offer in return.

That doesn't mean it's not ok to ASK.
That doesn't mean that it's not ok for the other person to decline receiving.

But to EXPECT your partner to do for you what you absolutely refuse to do for them?
My response would be "fuck off".

There's a huge difference in me taking responsibility to know what I want and to achieve personal satisfaction-and having my partner tell me that I have to give them oral and manual stimulation but they aren't going to do the same for me.
Seriously? That takes a whole new level of self-centered assholism to buy into.

AND-I say that even though I have met said person and get along with him and generally consider him a nice person.
Nice or not in the rest of life-that is a FUCKED UP ATTITUDE to have with your lover.

If you don't want to perform oral sex-don't EXPECT your partner to.
If you don't want to perform manual stimulation-don't EXPECT your partner to.
If you won't do either of the above-damn to sure do NOT complain when your partner purchases toys to do the job. That's flat fucking ridiculous there.
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