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Seriously? Did I hit a trigger for you or what?

Anyone who reads my writing on here (and I know you do) ought to know by now-that having an orgasmic sex life isn't a problem I have.

Additionally (as I told my friend)-I don't have a male friend or lover or previous lover who wasn't well versed in "she cums first" mindset.
She told me "most men" aren't like my husband and bf.
I told her she must have "most men" where she lives-cause I have seriously never met a man selfish enough to even SUGGEST that he should be able to receive intercourse or a blowjob if he is unwilling to guarantee the woman will get her rocks off too.

BUT ANYWAY! Obviously women are having this issue with men who do think that-or they wouldn't be complaining about it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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