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Oh no no no. She has LOTS of books (hundreds). No cd books, audio books. Basically, no electronics.

She had her legos, her billions of books, her craft stuff (she likes to bead and do perler bead projects), coloring books, etc.
Just no electronics.

At any rate-that had a comical consequence (comical for me). She has been reading for a couple of months-but she doesn't BELIEVE she can read yet. But-having no electronics got boring (as you noted). I checked on her every little bit and her brother went down to talk to her several times about how she feels and what she can do to avoid being in trouble etc (they actually have an AMAZINGLY wonderful relationship).
Anyway-I go to check on her and I hear her sounding out a word-so I stop, out of view and listen. She figures out the word and goes on to read through the page in one of her books, and kept going-through the book. I just smiled and listened in on her as she read out loud to herself.

Later, she informed me, "well there is ONE good thing about getting in trouble mom."
Me-"really? What is that?" (in a not highly impressed tone of voice)
Her-"well-I figured out how to read and so now I can read my books by myself even if no one else wants to read them!"
I contained my giggles and told her I was glad she learned to do that-that was very good. But, just maybe she could learn cool things without the getting in trouble part and that would be better for everyone!

Today-a friend from high school popped in. She sat and talked to him (he's a great kid person) and told him exactly why she got in trouble. He asked her if she misunderstood me. She said, "no. I knew she told me no, but I just didn't like it and I didn't think she would come check." She went on to tell him that she wasn't going to do that anymore-that I ALWAYS know when she does something wrong and that is SO annoying!
She went into great detail about why its important to listen to what your parents say, obey their instructions (even if you don't understand WHY). He gave her all sorts of "what if..." and she had the perfect response every time. It was so adorable!

Anyway-I think this particular growing up moment has been managed quickly and fairly easily.
All things said-as much as I hate going through the difficult steps-it's SO NICE that the kids learn so well when things are calm, clear-cut, drama-free and basic. It makes parenting so much easier and it makes life so much more fun!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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