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Default need some encouragement.

I am completely in love with two men. One who I am married to "J" and the other one "M" who, if I was not already married, we would be running to a justice of the peace right now. I have a strong Polly dance community that I am part of but little if ever have I seen a triad out together. So my question or the conversation I would like to start is, how can this work? Is it possible to all go on vactions together, to go shopping or out to dinner. I am feeling sad that I may not be able to have some of the "normal" relationship stuff with "M" what if he wants to get married some day? Am I being selfish (he does not want to be with another person, and neither does my husband. I want to be with both of them. I want to commit in some substantive way to M. Do people keep physically separated when out in public. How do you show affection. I have a very affectionate nature and am always hugging and being close with my friends and family, but with two men how would that look in public? I hope I am posting this to the right section and any conversation that could help me with this query would be most welcome.

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