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Originally Posted by Ragabash View Post
I thought I'd mention that Tonberry does have the birth certificate, and has for a little while now, and the court date is set for September 9th. I'm sure she was itching to tell you all about it, but just forgot.
Anyways, I'm going back to my honestly quite happy life of the last couple of years away from all the needless drama and count down to the day when I can be free of all the head games and lies. I strongly doubt I'll post on this forum again, but it was interesting to see what was being said about me when people forget that what's said in public on the internet is public. It's been rather amusing.
Bye all!
Oh, Raga, please do pat yourself on the back! It's so good and kind of you to send the document now that it's 2013! After all, Tonberry has only been requesting it since at least December 2011 or even earlier. But oh yeah, you're right, she's the one who must really be into games and drama.

Tonberry, glad to hear you can now move forward with the divorce. My own is proceeding now, too, and feels like a chapter is coming to a close, which will free me for the next ones to follow.
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