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Yes, I received the birth certificate on the 2nd of May. I sent it to the French lawyer and a court date has indeed been set for the 9th of September.

I'm still worried something will go wrong in the meantime but hopefully things will work out.

I probably should have posted with the update, but I've been a bit busy lately. Sadly, Seamus's mom died last month and I'm still in the middle of sorting out everything. Seamus's credit score was bad (it's better now) so although he was paying all the bills, everything was in his mother's name (he has his paycheque paid on her account).

I'm still dealing with the mortgages (they were in her name, but Seamus was added to the deeds last year, which I need to prove and it's been a pain of paperwork).
We're done dealing with all the funeral arrangements (that was last month) and dealing with informing everyone, etc. We closed her bank accounts but haven't finished setting payment for the various bills, so although we have some money aside, we're having trouble actually paying it.
It's all getting into place though.

But yeah, I didn't really update you guys as a result. I haven't been very consistent at the best of times.

Raga, everything I typed, I knew there was a chance you might see it. I'm aware of how the Internet works. I wasn't going to refrain from posting in my blog just because you might see it. I don't have any secrets from you, anyways, and you already knew how I felt about things, I'm sure.

Everyone else, I'll update when the divorce is final, but I don't expect to update much until then. I'm still in contact with the US immigration lawyer who should be able to help me with my residency after the divorce is finalized.

I'm just glad this is leading up to some closure finally. I just want to keep going with my life, get a job (a paying one, that is. My translations don't pay) and so on. I'm pretty hopeful about life in general despite still being in a shitty space because of Seamus's mom's death. I lived with the woman on and off for three years and I grew close to her. On top of that, she was a single parent and Sean an only child, and she was disowned by her family, so she was his only family.

Thankfully, I caught a plane in time and arrived a couple of days before she died. So I got to see her, and I got to be with Seamus. I've been dealing with as much stuff as I can so he doesn't have to, so it's been stressful, but I'm still on my antidepressant and anxiety meds, so I'll be fine.

Another reason I didn't post about the court date is that I'm seeing with the US lawyer if I can get divorced sooner than that, in which case the court date is irrelevant. I'll keep you posted on that as well.
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