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Default if anything I said sounds inaccurate

It would probably the part about women having trouble achieving orgasm as being one hundred percent bullshit. How could that be true when there are obviously several women (if not a majority) saying that they do have trouble?

I didn't go to some bullshit website for statistics or any legitimate psychology experiments because I don't believe humans are honest enough to have any experiment that is legitimate science.

I am speaking about women that I have talked to, that I know personally, whom I do believe. In talking with them I have come to the conclusion that if your partner -- to use a term that's more sensitive or politically correct instead of being a dick -- is a little bit on the selfish side in bed, "it's not a majority of women" that have problems orgasming in any way, let alone from penetration alone, all of them have had problems achieving orgasm if the sex was with a lover who was a little on the selfish side.

All of the woman also had little to no problems with a lover who was not at all what most people would think of when they considered a selfish lover

All of the women also conveyed that the longer it took to orgasm often meant more intense orgasms

For the sake of all the people that have my replies blocked, for whatever reason, they would probably appreciate it if you didn't quote me, as then they have no way to not see my words in the comments

no matter how ranty or anecdotal they may be

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