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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

Something I'd like to personally add to the conversation; I don't think it's responsible to put the burden of ones orgasm onto someone else. If her hubby isn't into eating pussy then that's his business, it's not his responsibility to do 'whatever it takes' for her to achieve orgasm certainly if her ability to do so is hinged upon something that he specifically doesn't enjoy. My orgasm is my responsibility; if my partner isn't doing the one thing that I need to happen and they have told me they aren't interested in doing it... maybe I can just enjoy what I *am* getting. Then I can go do whatever it is that makes me cum with someone else (or on my own).
Except that in this case her husband is jealous and angry at her for doing what does work for her. So to recap, This husband has no problem placing the burden of his orgasm on her, he isn't willing to provide any stimulation to her that isn't what he's already doing for himself, and he has a problem with her doing what works for herself. I don't think this woman has a problem with placing the burden of her orgasm on someone else, in fact she's already blamed herself for this situation not working.

I guess I mean to say that that comment makes perfect sense if you're not in a relationship where someone feels it's responsible to dictate how the other is allowed to cum. Which is a position I doubt you would find acceptable to begin with.

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