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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
So you weren't mono for the first few years, you had casual swinger type sex some.

we had threesomes not swinging. We had talked about it but decided not to it

That is more accurate, a 2 bi women, one straight guy, 3way sex. Usually poly fidelitous, no other lovers for anyone.


So things got a bit dire with your h, to the point of separating... then you somehow met this woman and fell in love. Then you and dh got back together (maybe still some unresolved issues there), and somehow she also had feelings for him. Had you and her had sex before she met dh or did things not become sexual at all til the man arrived on the scene?

yes. We were reevaluated where we were. I met her and formed a great friendship. Dh and I do still have issues that we are trying to work through. We know that adding another will not fix us. She has met dh and has always wanted this. Her and myself had not had sex before dh came back around. I tend to move really slowly when it comes to relationships.

Becoming fluid bonded already? After 2 sex sessions? Has everyone been tested for STDs?

yes. We have all been tested and are clean. We made sure of this. We would not have gone there without so.

Do you get to hang out with new gf during the week? Does she not have sex one on one with you?

i do. She has 3 children and dh and I have 4. We do not have sex. Like I said I move really slow. We have cuddled but not anything else

So, great for her... for you, left unsatisfied?

yes I was left unsatisfied.

This is called "new relationship energy" in poly circles. Men and women go through it, the extra excitement for sex and being with the new partner. It needs to be managed or sometimes the first partner can feel left out. Sometimes you might feel renewed desire for your first partner (as you do), sometimes you just want the new partner (as he does). Too bad you're at odds here.

thanks. It does suck but we r working on it

Will he or you ever cum for each other again? Probably, but you should be aware of this NRE thing and work hard to manage it.
we are. Thank you.
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