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Default sounds like her husband is broken

it's not a "large majority" who can't orgasm from penetration alone, it's all women when they are made to feel less than, not beautiful, or too much of a hassle to be worth it.

Thank God all you want, he is a sick unfair biased bastard, give a woman a few things that make her feel desirable and attractive, including whatever minimal ambiance needs to be created, let one sexual experience happen where it is OK to not have one brain cell preoccupied with trying to please an idiot male, know what little things turn her on (which may take a few weeks since it isn't uncommon for women who have only been with men to feel allowed to consider their sexual desires) and the next thing you know the woman who had trouble orgasming realizes that women can not only have orgasms that are several times more intense than a mans, but they can have as many as they can stay conscious for but usually before that they go unconscious the many blurr into one and they don't know where one stops and another begins.

A woman's orgasm is NOT elusive, that is 100% complete and total myth, but I will say it probably seems that way but if you really want to be precise you could the majority of women have been fooled by men into thinking their orgasm is elusive.

And to be honest, I can admit that there will always be moments that no matter what the situation I will always be jealous of the not elusive and probably technically infinite capability a woman has to orgasm . Infinite because not being able to maintain consciousness as the only restriction is the biggest bullshit reason I have ever heard in my life as far as having sympathy.

You poor poor suffering female gender you

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