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Ceoli ~ Thanks I would still like to hear yours too, even if it comes from a different place.

FitChick ~ "I always struggled with monogamy because I always thought one person 'should' satisfy me and I became intensely frustrated when that didn't happen...that has been the biggest revelation for me,that I can have more than one person in my life to satisfy different needs.." This is a statement I can relate to. I ended up marrying the guy who satisfied the most needs and six years later, ok really since the start I've been trying to get bits and pieces of other needs met by friends, but it's not really fulfilling that way.

Just an update.. We're talking about expanding our ideas of some small boundaries and opening up discussion on possibly creating new concepts of what cheating is. So, online flirting with others on this game we play for example. A baby step and we are going to hash out the details and talk about it more before we consider opening this up, especially our feelings and what this means about our relationship.
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