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Originally Posted by Wifeto2 View Post
I figured I needed to do that. I'm having a hard time with it. I am trying not to project our issues and I ask and talk to her about her feelings daily. We started out as good friends first. Any issues we (dh and I) have are not in any way her fault. They are ours.

The sex rule is the typical we can have sex with her together but not him and her or me and her. We as a couple can have sex though its not happening.
So in otherwords he's actually trying to keep things equal with the sex rule by not having sex with you without her present because the fact that you both need to be there in order for her to be sexual with either of you basically is putting her in a position of a sex toy.

Like everyone has said, let them have sex without you (and you have sex with her and not have him present) and you'll probably have a husband who wants to have sex with you again.

Otherwise you might lose BOTH your husband and your girlfriend if you can't get rid of that rule.
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