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Ok.You have issues in you're marriage right now and the fact that your spouse might not want to be your marriage right now is a possibility. You have to ask him. If he does want to be in the marriage and you fear him preferring her over you, you could close your relationship because obviously just ending things with her wouldn't eradicate that fear. Closing your relationship, however, might make him resent you and he could be tempted to cheat. You don't want that. So you could continue with this triad and relax the rules around sex, because after all, you're going to ask him, without repercussions, if he still wants to be married to you. You're going to emphasise that these are three separate relationships that you are having and you want to know what he thinks about your relationship. You know relationships are fluid, being a triad might involve you having a less sexually focused relationship with your husband, hot triad sex and hot sex with your girlfriend. If you need someone, perhaps male, to have sex with, polyamory allows for it. You just have to let go and trust.
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