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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
If you want to achieve this get rid of that rule PRONTO!

Want happiness, end stupid rule. Otherwise see your relationship with dh ruined and/or gf walk away.
What Natja said. If you don't want to do this i suggest you not read any further. Just keep to the way you've been doing it and learn the hard way, then come back here and be frustrated by watching people come on and ask this same question and not think that any advice applies to them because you're unique and no one knows what you go through.

Seriously. This "no sex except when the Three™ of us are there, except the pre-existing couple can have sex without The Third™ there."

Don't listen to us. We don't know you. You know better.

#coupleprivilege #anticouplebigotry #dickinpicklejar

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