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Originally Posted by Wifeto2 View Post

1. no sex for dh and her without myself being involved. and vice versa.

Just to clarify. I do not want gf to go anywhere. I really care for her and want her happiness, dh happiness and our happiness. I love having her around.

If you want to achieve this get rid of that rule PRONTO! It will make everyone completely miserable, especially you and your sexual relationship to your girlfriend will eventually suffer as the dynamic changes considerably when there is a penis in the room. Eventually your girlfriend will start to get hacked off by the rule anyway and to build up intimacy you need dyad time.

Your husbands issue stems directly from this rule. Now he associates sex with you with sex with gf, especially since she is all new and shiney.

Want happiness, end stupid rule. Otherwise see your relationship with dh ruined and/or gf walk away.
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