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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Ok-I have a friend (not me THANK YOU GOD) who is struggling.

She can't orgasm during intercourse-and believes it means she's "broken". Completely can't believe that a large majority of women can't.

She orgasms fine with toys. But, her husband is jealous and angry about her using them. (I know-that's a topic for later).

He expects her to give him oral and manual stimulation as well as intercourse. But-he won't perform manually or orally on her and doesn't appreciate the toy use... (again-respect issue I already started addressing)

BUT-can anyone guide me to INTELLIGENT articles, medical journals, blogs ANYTHING that is not bullshit-to share with her so she can't start realizing that this bs in her head IS bs..?
Do you really want me to Google That For You™? I mean, would it be faster? I know you get internet by dogsled up where you are, but it IS the same internet?

Sorry but it's late, i'm home, i'm high... you know... Captain Obvious and all that..
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