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What about saying you are poly means you are promiscuous? I had this one guy on okc say okay, well if you are poly prove it and let me be your boyfriend. I told him to back off and said that was highly offensive. (next twelve days, with 0 response from me btw):
How are you? What is your favorite color? How was your day? You seem nice, I would like to get to know you. You have pretty eyes. You have a kind face.....BLOCKED

I feel this is akin to someone finding out a friend of theirs for years is gay and saying "thats fine, so long as you don't hit on me".
LadySFI- me; Pansexual, Heteromantic, Poly. "Open, but not looking".

C-Boyfriend - Pansexual, Heteromantic, Poly. "Open, but not looking".

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