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I am not taking one side or the other because i like both of you and i think you both have valid viewpoints that are capable of co-existing without impinging on the other. I also think that you are probably more alike in many ways than you are different in world-view, but that involves a lot of conjecture on my behalf since i don't know either of you THAT well. I am just going with what i do know. That said...

As a child-free person, i have noticed that the reason a lot of people "date" is not to get these snuggly-buggly cozy-wozy "needs" met... It's because they are dying to reproduce. Yes yes i am skewed on my perspective here, or to put it another way - i cannot provide high-quality data nor provenance thereof to support my stance, but i have been asked numerous times why i bothered getting married if i'm not going to have kids. Clearly, the only reason to get married is if you want kids. What are you going to do about the cats when you have kids? That last one was a little beyond the focus of this tangent which is "what motivates one to be in relationships"... Anyway, i have been told by others that this instinct to reproduce is strong and irresistible, in all sex/gender classifications of the human species (even there are transgender people who want to be parents), but i have never felt it (we already know i am defective in the head though), yet i still like sex and enjoy the company of certain individuals during it and at other times.

But as far as the OP... There are plenty of other people she could breed with if she wants a kid that bad. Why she feels she deserves no better than this, i cannot guess.
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