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I am actually okay. We are taking our children to see Dora the Explorer Live. (Kill me now.) I could do without Dora, but it will be nice to have a family night. Since the show is outside of the area, we are just going to drive down after work, spend the night, attend the show Thursday morning, and head back home. The weekend will be busy, too. We will be in Northumberland for a wedding.

On the poly front, no change. We have our first poly-related therapy session with the doc on Tuesday. DH's list of boundaries is continuing to grow. The latest being that he wants a specified amount of time with no part of poly in our lives. He wants a traditional mono marriage after being in a poly marriage for the past 11 years. The time frame is TBD. These days, I expect a new boundary every day. I digress. I caused this, so I am not in the position to complain.

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