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I'm a 5'3", 21-year-old woman weighing roughly 140lbs. I'm a size 12 (UK) and range between 34D and 36C depending on what brand I'm buying. I'm reasonably curvy with blue eyes and shoulder length hair with a whole bunch of colours in it, but I suppose it's kind of brown, maybe? I asked a group of three people once what my hair colour was and they all gave different responses. I also have ridiculously small hands and dimples.
Clothes wise, I like to wear a variation but, I suppose, I rarely wear anything that's in the current trends. I like a lot of vintage clothing and dress up semi-regularly in gothic style clothing for alternative nights. Most of the time I dress like a total hippie though. I have over 6 different rainbow and/or coulourful patch work hoodies. I'm also a dress enthusiast. I probably own about 25 by now, despite my actually being really picky when it comes to buying dresses. It's an indulgence of mine, along with over the knee stripey socks (28 pairs and counting)
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