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Originally Posted by NatalieRose View Post
Magdlyn: My husband was unaware of my new love, as he was of the other romantic connections I'd made throughout our marriage. I always suppressed those feelings and moved on, I knew the time wasn't right. It was a pattern, but not one he knew about.
But by this point, not only does he know of your love for this bf, but you've also been forthcoming to show him this has been a pattern all along, and you just couldnt stand the unrequited longing for another lover one more year?

As far as sex goes, I didn't say my new partner and I were having unprotected sex. Things...can go awry. That's all I'll say about that.
This dismissal strikes me oddly. So, there was no agreement between you and your husband and/or yr bf to become fluid bonded with the bf, but you had birth control failure? A condom broke or slipped off? Happens to the best of us. Hopefully all of you were tested before the condom broke.

Yes, abortion is an option, and it's on the table. I'm a pro-choice individual, but I'm not sure I can go there this time. We may all end up deciding to keep baby. I have to say, I disagree that our situation would be an awful one to bring a new life into, we are all overflowing with love for each other. There's a good deal of confusion and uncertainty about the future, but this baby would have 2 daddies who love it very much, and 2 older siblings who would be excited beyond words at having a new addition. Who knows, maybe new baby would even bring everyone together.
Oh no, honey. New babies are not bringing troubled adults together. How often has this been tried in failing mono relationships and shown to be completely wrong? Never mind in this case where 2 men new to poly are feeling tetchy toward each other, you and your h are separated, the baby wasnt even planned, your present kids are so young...

You remember surely what being huge and pregnant is like, and having a newborn is like, the sleeplessness, the leaky, perhaps sore breasts, the constant changing of its diapers and stained outfits, the chance of colicky screaming, the healing of your nethers, the raging hormones, falling in love with your baby, lost in it so you can barely see the rest of the world... All while possibly being a single mom of 3?
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