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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
No. I want an open relationship for other reasons, and that became known two years ago.

That's just it. Every time I try to break up, I get hit with a bunch of guilt trips ranging from "you promised we'd be friends" to "you're the only support I have." The fighting, guilt trips and other stuff eventually wear me down. When I try to move on... if there's any hint I might be dating, talking to women or even as little as going to a strip club with some friends she gets really pissed and starts a fight with me.

Again, you'll say I should just not get drawn into the fight... but that's very difficult for me.
Well there's your problem right there. That's what you need to deal with. Sometimes breakups get ugly. Basically what you just said is that she's trying to hold you hostage and you allow it.

What do you want from the people on this forum? Do you want us to drive to her home and tell her to let you go? If we did that, do you think it would work? Because I'm not wasting all that gas driving out there if it's going to just be all for naught.
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