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Default New and confused

Ok alittle background on our situation.

Dh and I have been married and in a mono relationship for 9 years. We have had our up and downs. We have had threesomes over the past 9 years though we have specifically been mono for the last 5. We have talked off and on about having a "sister wife" (I know unicorn hunters). Dh and I split up last summer for a few months to work on ourselves and see if we were still where we wanted to be as far as us. Me and gf met and became friends that summer. I started to really care for her. About a month ago gf had a problem with her oldest daughter and asked for us to help. We did. Dh and gf became close. We started calling her our gf. She loved it and we moved things forward. Things became sexual about two weeks ago.

We have rules( gf is fine with them and knows if she feels her needs are not being we will talk and make adjustments)
1. no sex for dh and her without myself being involved. and vice versa.
2. talk, talk, talk talk
3. (this one is loosing up) he cannot cum in her.

Dh is a very blunt sexual person, if he wants something and thinks its ok with me he will go for it. I am not. I take a while to even "make a move". Gf is closer to dh in sexual nature than I am. This experience has def stepped up my desire more.

Dh is only home on the weekends because of his job. We had a great first sex experience. This past weekend we focused our attention on gf because she wasn't feeling good and both of us wanted to make her feel good. We spent hours making her cum. Then when she was finished, I wanted some attention and of course dh was done in 2 min. (Usually we lasts hours).
The next day I tried starting to do stuff with dh and he just kept giving reasons not to. Then gf would walk in and he would all of sudden want to. It was like a switch, gf in sexual stuff pouring out, gf leave it shut down. That night she was sleeping in our bed and I wanted some. He didn't want to do anything unless she was involved "because it wasn't fair to her". I loved the fact that she got off the night before but was still sexually frustrated and wanted it to be just the two of us. We didnt have anywhere to do it but in our bed where gf was. So I agreed that he could play with her but we were to have intercourse. We got in there and he started playing. Was hard as a rock, until she wasn't showing any interest of doing anything. It went soft like he had one of our kids walk in. The rest of the night he couldn't keep it up. I said something because I was so upset.
He tried to make it up to me the next day but same thing, he couldn't perform. Now I'm sitting here frustrated in every area. We have talked about it and he thinks it was because she s new and his dick wasn't used to so much attention.
I'm fustrated because I'm sitting here wondering if he is going to be able to cum with just me again. It make me seriously upset.
Just to clarify. I do not want gf to go anywhere. I really care for her and want her happiness, dh happiness and our happiness. I love having her around.
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