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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
You sound like a slave to me. Since you mentioned the Emaw name as Hebrew for mother, I am getting a Sarah/Hagar vibe.
I did not know that emaw was Hebrew for mother, but i thought of the Old Testament the very first time i read this. I thought "emaw" was a transposition of the phonetic sounds of the two syllables in "mommy". There goes another #aspiemoment for the history books.

Dear OP (I want to call you "KKK" but it just doesn't seem right) - The way it is is like this:

A healthy person does not try to dictate to another person who will raise their future child(ren) and what said child(ren) will call their biological parent(s) AND think that they will fool their relatives into believing said child(ren) are from their own body, and then the next day have those issues resolved within themselves. You may be getting certain "needs met" right NOW, as part of her being "on notice" that you could be thinking about leaving and taking your uterus with you, but is this woman in therapy? Has she ever had a mental health evaluation? Stable, healthy, reasonable people don't say that kind of shit, and don't tell me she was kidding. Your original post did NOT sound like there was ANY humor involved, and even if she WAS fooling around, that is a bizarre and explicit choice of context (doing it in a way that excludes you instead of includes you - for example, if she wanted to joke about not being "out" to her family, a person who wanted you to think the joke was WITH you, not ABOUT you, would have said something like, "Let's tell my folks it's my kid and see if they can tell the difference... LOL"). The way you described it... you'll probably back-pedal about that too, but usually the way people tell a story the first time (the "rough draft") is the most genuine (unless they are lying on purpose), then they go back and read it and start editing and second-guessing themselves.

So, it's your life; no one here can protect you from it. I have nothing to gain or lose, whatever happens to you.
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