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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
I do...

Except I'm not. I thought we could be together until she leaves the city, which is what she claimed she wanted too in lieu of a permanent relationship. I get that things have changed for her, the biological clock is ticking louder... but then she needs to let go.

I've tried breaking up with her, and it just doesn't take. I just get guilt trips about leaving her alone when she's feeling bad, or she didn't get to spend enough time with her dog (dog lives with me because her hip displaysia and arthritis make the stairs to the g/f's apartment too difficult.) Eventually she works her way back in, I try to act like her friend, she cuddles up to me and keeps my hopes up... and the cycle repeats.

I guess I had hoped the fighting would stop if she were happy. Probably a vain hope, but I was basically broken down by all of this. I feel like if we'd just had a clean break I'd have healed and moved on, instead she insists on spending all our time together and keeping me wanting.

Granted, I should just be strong enough to "lay down the law" and tell her I need space and stick to it. I guess it's called co-dependence for a reason right?

Now I'm really confused. Are you saying you want an open relationship because she won't let you out of this one? Tell her you're breaking up with her, start dating other people. If she starts fighting with you ignore her, or just keep texting that you two broke up and you're seeing other people now. If she still won't leave you alone... well heck I guess you're in that open relationship you were looking for if that fits your definition.
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