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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
I do...

I've tried breaking up with her, and it just doesn't take. I just get guilt trips about leaving her alone when she's feeling bad, or she didn't get to spend enough time with her dog (dog lives with me because her hip displaysia and arthritis make the stairs to the g/f's apartment too difficult.) Eventually she works her way back in, I try to act like her friend, she cuddles up to me and keeps my hopes up... and the cycle
While probably not consciously, she is taking advantage and manipulating the situation. But you already know that. Maybe she is hoping you will change or as others have suggested, she is hanging on until she finds a replacement.

The hope you are experiencing is false hope.

Unfortunately there are no magic answers. It is going to suck until one of you does what you know you need to do. Yeah, it's going to hurt, and you will have second thoughts, but this situation continues as it is until you do.
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