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We're making good progress. BUT OMG! I am READY FOR A BREAK!
I did get away from her for a little while yesterday-helping Spicy Pea move in to her own place. Sour Pea managed very well and stayed on track.

However-this morning first thing (as if she had to re-test because I had been gone), she specifically asked me if she could wake Little P up at 7am. I said NO, you need to go take a shower, he will be up in a little bit.
She said ok and I love you, walked out of the room, straight up the stairs (not realizing I can HEAR where she walks) and into his room, woke him up and started playing.
I came up the stairs and told her to go to her room-she just lost all privileges for the day (LAME since I was planning to take them all to the lake). She's confined to her room for the day, no radio, no movies, no cd books, no friends.

Which, I suppose gives me somewhat of a break from her. But-it also means LP lost his playmate for the day and he's heartbroken. There are so many things they can do together, but he can't physically do on his own and I can't do either (like the trampoline) and bike.

Joys of learning where the boundaries are. I can't even be ROYALLY PISSED-cause she's SO MUCH LIKE ME. My dad calls me a person who has to piss on the electric fence to see if it's turned on. :/
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