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Unhappy Endings.......

Pain.... When I started this journey I never imagined such pain as I feel now. It hurts to breathe and think. And all I want to do is cry. I have been crying. Non-stop since Saturday when you texted those fateful words.

I want a divorce.

Devastation and pain is my world now. I begged and pleaded you to reconsider. To give us 6 months in marriage counseling. Table the divorce talk till then. Then take stalk of where we are then make decisions. But you won't budge. And now my world crumbles around me and I look into the faces of our children and wonder what I will say.

Because one day they will ask questions and I don't know how I will answer. How am I supposed to explain something that makes no fucking sense?

I am broken. I am lost. I want my mommy.... *quietly sobbing* :-(
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