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It's hard to tell the "volume" over there with your situation.

I just feel that I don't think I should have to say hey I want to watch tv or feel like I have to ask for my basic needs of affection to be met.

This could be taken like... you expect mind readering or you expect basic consideration or you are so used to being ignored you no longer want to risk putting it out there and get another ignore-fest.

Which makes this...
We also talked about that I need to be talking to them if an issue comes up rather than just sweeping my feelings aside.
... hard to tell if that is them telling you not to expect them to mind reader and honestly trying to understand you.

Or them blame shifting to flip it back on to you so as not have to address their own shortcomings/lack of considerateness. Making it be YOUR shortcomings only.

Or them giving you promises to change (the honeymoon phase of the abuse cycle) while really it's another stop on the merry go round.


I guess only you can tell what it is. From your other posts and stories about your situation it's weird sounding over there.

I certainly hope you are NOT being hurt -- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.


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