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My interpretation: You are poly. She is not. You wish to continue your relationship with her, but she doesn't want to do poly. Right so far?

There's a book you've come across about poly being more natural for women and a woman's sex drive being manipulated by culture and society. You'd like her to read it and see if it opened her mind.

My issue with this: The book you have given her (from your brief description) doesn't sound like a book that could bring her around to being able to deal with YOU being poly, instead it sounds like a book to try and convince her that it would be natural for HER to be poly. Whether or not she is poly isn't the issue, it's whether or not you being poly is a hard limit for her.

If anything, giving her a book that says it's more natural for women to be poly than men could end up with her turning that round on you. She might end up saying that if it's more natural for women to be poly and she isn't, than surely you, with it being less natural, could try not being poly? That, of course, is an extreme scenario. I'm just saying that if you have any agenda behind giving her the book (i.e. wanting the experience to open her mind to poly), this sort of book could backfire. Perhaps a different book that's based more on understanding possible methods of becoming comfortable with poly in a partner would be more useful (I don't know any myself but I've seen a lot of book/website recommendations on here in the past and I'm sure someone would push you in the right direction if you asked)

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