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Default "Everyone is not me" ORLY?

Originally Posted by onoma View Post
Just sayin'... Not everyone is you. :P

OMG REALLY??? Thanks for telling me! You just opened my mind! I thought EVERYONE was EXACTLY LIKE ME. I was WRONG. You SAVED me from MYSELF. I could have CONTINUED to go through life this way but now I WON'T!

^^ this is what you expect your girlfriend to say about poly.

Your answer(s), or lack thereof, continue to support my theory that you are here fishing for feedback that says, "Your girlfriend does sound like she's poly deep-down inside somewhere after all, and all you need to do is support and encourage her toward that, and things will work out eventually". And you're NOT GETTING IT.

It is YOU who doesn't "get it". NOT HER.

Denial is not a river in Europe. That's right - Europe.

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