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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
ok, fine then.

but don't you think she could "choose" to go get the book herself if she wanted to read it?
Maybe. If she's even heard of it.

I'm not much for reading things other people recommend unless I'm already interested to some extent.
You're not her. She does tend to read things people give to her. Although she's never read anything I've given her for some reason. (Not other books like this, just anything.)

If she handed you a book about monogamous relationships, would you read it because it might open your mind?
Yes. Actually, I'd read it to prove that it won't "open my mind"... but I'd still read it. :P

If you hand me a book by Rush Limbaugh, do you think I won't laugh my ass off at you?
A fried of hers once gave her a book on how aliens were the real god. Not Scientology, but something similar. She read it.

Just sayin'... Not everyone is you. :P
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