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Originally Posted by NatalieRose View Post
Marcus: Thank you for your words. I really appreciate your kindness. All of this is quite hard, to say the least, but if it sounds to an experienced poly that we're keeping our heads above water, well, Onward and Upward!

Magdlyn: My husband was unaware of my new love, as he was of the other romantic connections I'd made throughout our marriage. I always suppressed those feelings and moved on, I knew the time wasn't right. It was a pattern, but not one he knew about.

As far as sex goes, I didn't say my new partner and I were having unprotected sex. Things...can go awry. That's all I'll say about that.

Yes, abortion is an option, and it's on the table. I'm a pro-choice individual, but I'm not sure I can go there this time. We may all end up deciding to keep baby. I have to say, I disagree that our situation would be an awful one to bring a new life into, we are all overflowing with love for each other. There's a good deal of confusion and uncertainty about the future, but this baby would have 2 daddies who love it very much, and 2 older siblings who would be excited beyond words at having a new addition. Who knows, maybe new baby would even bring everyone together. One can hope. Not sure what we'll do yet.

And yes, new love has been tested for STDs, as have my husband and I.

Moving forward, one 12-hour segment at a time.

Adoption is also legal, if you want to bring a "new life" into the world but not into an "awful situation". You could even do "open" adoption which you might be aware there are various "levels" of doing. Especially if you're white, because rich white people will pay big bucks and jump through all sorts of hoops to get a white baby. Better still if the baby turns out to not be born addicted to crack or something. Even though it will probably offend people that I dare to say this outloud without employing pig-latin, you all KNOW that this is how shit works in the real world.
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