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for your first few bullets, I could have written this myself, to a T. So i completely feel for you. For me, after a month of delibiration, threats of divorce, much tears and heart ache, my spouse decided to try poly and began dating while I began seeing my other love. I am so sorry it did not going this way for you, but there is still hope. It sounds like he may be coming around to the idea, and maybe for him it just took longer to process. like i said, we did almost seperate, but spouse decided to give it a go instead. Perhaps it is just taking your husband longer to come to terms, as my therapist (specializing in alternative love, and a poly person herself..i suggest you find someone like this!!) transition can be long and difficult, but she has seen many people come through it.
I think you are doing what you can for now, I was where you are a few months ago (minus the pregnancy part, thats tough!). feel free to private message. best of luck
keep on keeping on
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