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It's a bit heartbreaking that I crave attention and don't seem to get my needs met for weeks at a time. I don't know if I am just being insecure or if I have a right to get my needs met.
You sound sad. I'm sorry your hurt.

You have the need for attention/connection to your partners. For whatever reason -- they are not meeting your need. Your choices could be...
a) talk to them about it and ask for changes. Nobody is a mind reader. Maybe they don't know you have needs going unmet?

b) Accept you have X size need. They can only provide Y. So the rest you have to get met elsewhere. Then you can be with them while getting your X size need filled. (YOU change, you can control this)

c) Accept they can only provide Y. Try to live with Y size then. Give up needing X size and adapt to Y size. (YOU change, you can control this)

d) Decide you want X size, give them up. You need more than they can give and partial Y size that they could give just is not enough. (You change, you can control this)

e) You ask and they give you X need. (You can ASK. But in the end only THEY can control their behavior and their willingness to give X. They control this. )

f) Some other choice I cannot think of right now. (Maybe someone else has ideas?)
I'd go with trying out one of the ones YOU can do. See if that serves you better.


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