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@London, thanks for calling me dude. i love that, i dude all the time. lol. ANyway, not quite the same but i totally hear you...she is poly, has had more partners than he has, but im his first and i get the impression she isnt dealing that well with that.

@Gala, well I was his friend long before his girlfriend, im used to listening i just feel like he should take advantage of the fact that i'l listen? i dunno, im confusing myself on this one! I think you are right i didnt like hearing about the emotional intimacy because it felt like he was moving more towards her..I dont feel particularly secure in our relationship because i feel like she isnt actually OK with it and he is going to do what he can to please her, potentially at my detrimant.

or i just need to calm the F down?
keep on keeping on
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