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whoa i missed the part about trying to get knocked-up when i read it the first time!

I'll tell you what she's doing. She is trying to trap someone into a relationship with an "oops" baby. Be glad she won't fuck you, unless you want that yourself. But it won't fix your poly problem.

To be completely honest - and you are not going to like this - but I have little patience with this sort of thing. It looks from here like you know EXACTLY what is going on and what you need to do, but you like the way it looks from inside your ass instead. I predict that this thread is going to go round and round in circles with people giving you the same advice and every time they do you will post some rebuttal about how "welllll if it was THAT way then why is my girlfriend THIS way?" and before too long there will be hidden messages in the way she brushes her teeth and blows her nose. "Does anyone think that the way she blows her nose could be considered poly behaviour?"

Get real with yourself.
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