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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
So you equate your relationship with her to your relationship as a teacher to a student?
That was kind of a joke dude... lighten up.

She has made her views abundantly clear, you are trying to find a book which will erode a particular aspect of you believe her views are in an effort to get her to change her views to suit your preference. If she hasn't requested that you get her new information so that you can convince her to change her worldview then I would say, sure, you're trying to "trick" her. If that word in particular bothers you than we can use another, how about "manipulate"? We could spin off into a semantic debate or just address the actual topic.
Ok look, I'm never going to agree that presenting someone with new information is manipulating them, tricking them or anything else. It isn't. I'm presenting some information and letting her make a decision based on it. I might hope it's the decision I want, but that isn't manipulation.
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