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Question what's my problem? not wanting to hear some metamour details

Hi all. So this is only my third post, but hoping i can get some feedback, advice, or just people who've been there. Im married to a super guy, and have a boyfriend who was poly before me but turns out (since im his first relationship) his spouse isnt as on board as I thoguht she was going to be. Anyway, ive been listening to him about arguements etc with her, and being supportive, and thats ok. But then today he was commenting on wanting time to cuddle her without her talking to her other partner, and the things he doesnt want to loose in their relationship and it bothered me. I cant even really put my finger on it, am I being overly sensitive?
I dont mind hearing about sex, or their plans, but i felt these were intimate details that made me feel like he were talking to a buddy instead of his girlfriend. With my spouse i can talk him through how to get a date with a girl, if it seems like shes into him, etc but talking with my bf about his marriage is striking a different chord.

Any comments? Advice? Im happy to provide any further info

Edit: the more i think about it, i guess part of whats bugging me is that for a while he seemed really into me, and us, and wasnt worried about his spouse (not that he didnt care, just wasnt worried) and now it feels like he is so worried about them that Im just not that important. He said the other day that if i didnt want to be with him, he'd still love me but he'd want me to be happy and move on. I guess I wanted him to declare how badly he wants me to stay instead, which is maybe unfair and less mature?
keep on keeping on

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