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Originally Posted by london View Post
If someone really believes that they have a partner our partners that dint met any of their needs, then I question firstly how healthy that relationship actually is, and secondly, why someone would stay in a relationship that leaves them unfulfilled. It would be a red flag of sorts.
Of course, if I'm not getting any of what I want from a relationship then there would be no reason to be in it.

I didn't get the impression from the OP that she's getting absolutely nothing from the relationship(s); she's just not getting as much time and affection as she'd like. That's certainly a frustration and getting those wants sated (assuming it is important to her) should get bumped up in priority of how she spends her day. While her partners don't seem to be interested (currently) in sating those wants for her it would make sense that getting another outlet would be the next logical step.

I am, of course, assuming that she has made her desires known but that the response isn't positive for whatever reason.
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