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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Hate to say it OP, but CB here has hit the nail right on the head.

She has told you unambiguously that she is monogamous and that polyamory is a deal breaker. This is a boundary she has clearly defined and explicitly informed you of.

Stop trying to trick her into believing something that you believe. If you actually do care about her and not just about how you imagine she could be as a poly, then respect her clearly defined boundaries and stop playing games with her. She's monogamous, dude, deal with it.
Trick her? How is giving someone a book tricking them? Guess I need to go have a few discussions with my schoolteachers!

Anyway, something interesting came up over the weekend. Created a different thread though since this one is pretty much hosed:

CreepingButtercup: Sorry if my reply came off as contentious. I had been drinking and arguing with my gf right before I posted. I shouldn't drink and internet!
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