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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I don't rank my loved ones based on their station or title. I find it to be a disgusting practice and I will go out of my way to make sure I avoid being party to it.

Also, this is a very popular topic. Use the search feature and put in "heirarchy" or

Many people have already put up their views so if they don't put them up here again you can go to one of these other threads and see where they have posted them previously.

Tag Search for primary/secondary and other keywords.

Advanced Search for same.

Master Threads thread (not to be confused with Master/slave thread) in Golden Nuggets section at the bottom of the main list of subforums on the front page of this site.

One can see there is indeed nearly nothing new under the sun. Which reminds me, if anyone sees Jesus hiding under the bed? Ask him if he's lost. People are always playing hide-and-seek with him and whenever it's his turn to hide, he just does it too well and the other kids give up and go off to play without him. #briarpatch #tarbaby
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