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Originally Posted by kittenkittykat View Post
We are in Nevada. I already spoke with a lawyer.

If you are unmarried and there is no court order about custody, the mother is presumed to have sole legal and physical custody.
Complaint for Custody: This also starts a case in Family Court. If you are unmarried and there is no dispute who the natural father of your child is, a court order of custody can be obtained by filing a Complaint for Custody.
Complaint for Paternity: This also starts a case in Family Court. If you are unmarried, the court first determines who is the father or your child (known as "adjudicating" or establishing paternity) and then can issue an order concerning custody. (See Section 9 of this manual for more information about paternity.)
Nothing could stop the husband to start a court order after establishing paternity, you only automatically get custody IF he chooses not to do that. Nevada law favours joint custody btw.

I presume that this couple have more resources than you do? They can easily take this child, you just started a thread in which they basically lock you out of a room and watch TV together and you still believe they have your best interests at heart?

Come are not that naive surely?
She is 46 years old and infertile, they want your WOMB!!! Not you....but if you want to believe you are in some sort of healthy relationship and you will be all raising this child together than go right ahead and give these people a baby and watch them take it!!!
And perhaps than you might learn the hard way.

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