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Default Being Young... and Poly!

I imagine that it's hard enough being poly let alone figuring it out a few years down the road after kids ect... So here I am. I searched endlessly (and fruitlessly) on the internet to connect with other poly people. From popular blogging sites, to BDSM forums, to dating sites even. I think the fact that we are a couple makes it 10X harder and intimidates potential dates from even thinking about trying it out if they haven't heard of polyamoury before. It often gets the reaction of thinking that we just want to 'hook up' or we are swingers which is far from the truth.
We are both quiet and reserved. Instead of a night at the club we'd rather play games and relax in the comfort of our home. It's difficult finding girls or people to socialize with that happen to have similar interests and that would be open to this style since it's not exactly the norm. I watch documentaries like Taboo and envy cute trio happy couples and want that for us too. Love is a beautiful thing and here I am searching for someone who understands that it isn't for sex or creepy. It's functional, logical to me, and just feels right.
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