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Ah, well, there's all kinds of theories about "my way is better" for whatever reason. I still like being called vanilla (both in and out of the bedroom). It suits me. We can't all be exciting kinksters, I suppose.

Same deal with pansexual: I've heard it virtually defined as "not hung up on genitalia." Sigh. Straight and gay people alike can savor that gem of a definition. Sorry folks, but I am what I am. Straight, vanilla, and vanilla. Unless polyamory is a kind of kink. And then I guess you can call me a little kinky.

As for BoringGuy, if I find a dive hotel that rents a kitchen by the half-hour, I'll rent it immediately. You know I'll be dreaming of those cookies, and I bet they will be frosted with hummingbird and butterfly designs.

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